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Jasper Selder

Jasper Selder is an imaging cardiologist as well as a biomedical engineer. He has specialized as a level 3 MRI cardiologist at the Amsterdam UMC. In addition, he was trained as an engineer at Eindhoven University of Technology, where he studied pressure-volume curves of the heart and heart pumps. In addition to his clinical work, he will be awarded a PhD on eHealth & Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. He develops AI algorithms for the cardiology department and conducts research into the usefulness of wearables and apps (Fitbit, Kardia, Fibricheck) in healthcare as well as in the healthy population (screening). He is also owner of image storage/-transfer of the Amsterdam UMC and secretary of the eHealth & AI working group of the NVVC. With his knowledge, energy and cheerfulness he tries to help his patients as best as possible.

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